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In 1989 Fox introduced a show that until that time was untried:
A soap opera format program based on teenagers. It was to center
on the lives of a group of high school students that came from 
families of upper, middle, and lower class standing in the community.

Greg Watkins was cast as Billy Pressfeild, the eldest son of a 
successful, upper class, automobile dealership owner. Billy, a senior, 
liked cars, sports and girls, not necessarily in that order. He was 
popular and had few troubles, but perhaps his biggest challenge was 
dealing with his father's remarrying so soon after his mother's death. 
What made matters worse was the fact that his new "mom" was but 
a few years older than himself.

Tribes was aired in seven large test-market cities, but was canceled by
Fox executives mid way through it's second season after having taped 
just over one hundred episodes. Shortly thereafter, Beverly Hills 
90210 was introduced and started what was to become a growing 
wave of programming geared towards teenagers.