Greg Watkins - Picture car driver, precision driver, stunt driver
Greg Watkins in Saturn commercial
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Greg Watkins Precision Driver

Experience and Training

Among his other talents, Greg Watkins is also a qualified precision driver.  His latest work includes a National Mercedes spot for the 350 Series Sedan.  He also participates with the Bill Young precision driving team.  Greg's former Saturn spot can be clicked on with the appropriate internet speed left to see the spot. (Uses QuickTimePlayer)

Greg has also driven picture vehicles in many scenes for television since his first professional AFTRA work on TRIBES (FOX), to a recent SAG driving/acting opportunity when he was asked to do some light off roading in a family station wagon for FIRST MONDAY (CBS).

Latest Precision Driving Work (2008)
Prod. Company Production Title Date Driving Co-ordinator
Old Dog Productions Old Dogs 2008 Bill Young Team
Warner Brothers Cold Case 2008 Bill Young Team
Crank 3 2008 Bill Young Team
Disney Bedtime Stories 2008 Bill Young Team
Fox 24 2008 Bill Young Team
Fox How I Met Your Mother 2008 Bill Young Team
CBS TV Swing Town 2008 Bill Young Team
TBS Saving Grace 2008 Bill Young Team
Past work
Merkley & Partners Mercedes/Highway 2006 Greg Watkins
20th Century Fox Taxi 11-22-03 Bill Young Team
Touchstone National Treasure 10-27-03 Bill Young Team
Dreamworks Anchor Man 7-24-03 Bill Young Team
Criminal Films, Inc The Criminal 7-23-03 Bill Young Team
Columbia Pictures Spiderman II 6-28-03 Bill Young Team
2 Cops Hollywood Homicide 12-11-02 Bill Young Team
Paramount Pictures The Italian Job 12-7-02 Bill Young Team
Almighty Productions Bruce Almighty 11-21-02 Bill Young Team
Plumb Productions Saturn/Car Wash 7-18-02 Greg Watkins

Greg Watkins has also trained with Bobby Ore at his Motion Picture Stunt Driving School.  Greg completed the beginning and advanced MPSDS courses which include forward and reverse 180's, sliding box 90's, high speed close in slalom chase, and 'drifting' both with power and brakes. 

Greg loves to drive, and he plans to continue his study in the art of stunt driving and hopes to broaden the scope of his professional acting career by incorporating this skill in to his professional work.

To find out more about Bobby Ore's Motion Picture Stunt Driving School and his driving history, you can visit his web site at:  Bobby is an extremely gifted driver as well as a skilled teacher and Stunt Driving Co-ordinator.  His facility, Bobby Ore Motorsports, is based in Camarillo, CA.