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In April of 1990, Greg Watkins was cast to introduce the character James Evan 
Walsh III to As the World Turns' little town of Oakdale, Illinois. The character 
came to be known as Evan, and he was a fresh out college, "do whatever it takes,"
kind of businessman that originally came to town to help his sister, Connor, reclaim
their name-sake company Walsh Industries.

Aside from business affairs, Evan was often giving his attention to the young ladies 
and women of Oakdale. The character's romantic encounters were numerous over 
the four and a half years he was on the show, and they most always involved women
that were already in relationships of their own. 

Whether it was in business, or romance, Evan was often like an injection of conflict
to the happiness and bliss that others seemed to be experiencing. Somebody's got 
to be the bad guy, and although Evan wasn't completely rotten, the writers for As 
the World Turns found it to be the most useful facet of his character.